The New Way to Research Stocks and Invest with Professionals

In today’s world, people are looking to build several income streams. The purpose may range from making ends meet to retiring early. 

The earlier generations would often rely on interests from their bank deposits as an additional source of income. But with rising inflation, it has become important to own assets that appreciate more than the inflation rate. 

Investments in stocks help you make your money work for you. But did you know that more than 7,000 stocks are listed on the Indian stock exchanges?

Many of us may not have the skillset like – understanding of macro factors and company fundamentals to begin with, to research about these stocks. And imagine the time and effort you would have to put in, to research about 7,000 stocks just to invest in a few of them. You probably would have to forget your good night’s sleep.

But guess what? We are here to save the day!

Introducing “Stocks to WealthBaskets” by WealthDesk. A platform where you can research stocks for free and directly buy or sell them using your broking account. In case you are not confident about taking exposure in a single stock, you can also invest in WealthBaskets that will help you diversify your direct equity exposure, as it is a bundle of stocks with similar underlying themes or strategies, but managed by SEBI-registered professionals.

Quickly search for your next big idea

Feel free to browse the listed companies’ universe, and find the best-suited stocks for your portfolio. The search feature allows dynamic movement between different company pages for a smooth experience.

stock search

If this is the first time you are researching any company to invest in, by clicking on the search tab, your drop-down will get auto-populated with the most popular stocks that our users are searching for in real-time to give you a headstart.

If you are an avid investor but cannot recall the company’s complete name, just try typing a few words, and you will likely hit the right note from the drop-down menu.

Get access to key information about the company

The platform provides you with free and unlimited access to several critical information about the listed companies. This includes, but is not limited to the sector, market capitalisation and key financial ratios, which can help you make informed investment decisions.

You can also view the shareholding pattern of the companies. The shareholding pattern gives a great insight into the confidence shown by different stakeholders in the market.

stocks key information
about the company
share holding pattern

Track the price of the stocks easily

Want to know what the price of a stock was 3 years ago? You don’t have to look further. Our interactive price chart shows the stock price trend since it was listed.

You view the chart based on performance across timeframes. The interactive chart will help you understand the performance of the stock and its trend.

performance chart

Retail investors often rely on price trends to identify the best time to enter/exit stocks and to see whether the stock has the potential to grow beyond the current levels.

View similar stocks

Let’s say you are interested in an e-commerce company but wish to know more about the competitors or the industry. You can easily view the companies related to the sector, and these appear in a toggle mode. In case you need more information, you can directly move to the company page to access financials and more. 

The similar companies suggested in this section are sorted based on the number of WealthBaskets they are a part of. If more WealthBasket Managers pick a company for their portfolio, it is more likely that the company is fundamentally strong and has the ability to generate wealth for its shareholders. Therefore, more of such companies will pop up in the similar company section which can command investor confidence and are worth a deeper dive.

similar stocks

But what if you wish to invest in multiple companies operating in the same industry or several companies based on some theme, strategy or idea?

This is where WealthBaskets come up!

Invest in a basket of stocks 

WealthBaskets are combinations of stocks/ETFs based on a sector, theme or idea. They are created and managed by SEBI registered professionals. With WealthBaskets, you do not need to undergo the painstaking process of researching multiple companies to build your portfolio.  

On each company’s Stocks to WealthBaskets page, there is a “WealthBaskets” tab. By clicking on it, you can view the WealthBaskets of which the stock is a part of. If the stock is present in multiple WealthBaskets, you can see all of them.

On each WealthBasket card, you will be able to see several key data points like the risk/volatility, capitalisation, minimum investment, WealthBasket return and benchmark return. Such information could be used to understand which WealthBasket suits your own investment style and risk appetite.


Let us say you would like to invest in Reliance but also want to diversify your portfolio. Instead of researching thousands of companies, you can just check the WealthBaskets in which Reliance is present. This enables you to own your preferred stocks and invest in a combination of stocks that are part of a similar strategy or theme. Feel free to click on the WealthBasket and head over to the details page to learn more about them.

The WealthBaskets can help you diversify the risks of investing in a single company. The WealthBaskets are monitored by SEBI registered professionals, who would guide the investor on the exits from existing stocks, and entry into new stocks, as the overall market situation changes over a period. 

For investors looking to invest in similar companies to the one searched, we have a similar stocks section in the WealthBasket window itself. The WealthBaskets in this section will contain stocks other than Reliance which are similar on the basis of industry, theme, strategy or certain other parameters.

more wealthbaskets

Investors also have the option to look at the WealthBaskets whose constituents are dynamic, based on the investment amount. On choosing a higher/lower amount, the constituents of the WealthBaskets change to provide an appropriate risk-return profile based on the parameters established by the WealthBasket manager.

To know on what basis the WealthBasket is curated, just click on the card, and you will be taken to the WealthBasket’s page. Here, you can read about the WealthBasket and invest in it seamlessly.


Execute trade directly

Once you have decided to invest in a stock, you do not need to open a new tab or switch apps to execute your trade thanks to the Embedded WealthDesk Gateway (EWG).

By clicking on the trade button, you will be prompted to login with your broker through a pop-up. Enter your login details, and Voila! you can now easily enter or exit* from the stock.

*only possible if you have the stock in your holdings

trade directly

Note: WealthDesk does not access or store your broker login details. The login and transaction happen through your broker’s ecosystem.

Upcoming Feature

One-stop for financials, news and more

As a potential investor, you may want to know how much net income, revenue, etc., the company has generated in the past. You may also wish to know the recent news and events surrounding the company.

Say goodbye to the multiple tabs on your desktop/mobile to view the news and events for a company. Say goodbye to scrolling through 100+ pages to reach the one amount you have been looking for.

The Stocks to WealthBasket page for each company would consolidate the listed companies’ financial information, news and events. If you wish to read more about the company, its sector, theme and so on, you can easily view the related blogs. 

Let this be your one-stop guide on everything that you ought to know about the developments regarding the companies in your portfolio because when we said we want to save your time and effort, we meant it!

news and insights
p&l statement
key financial metrics

We at WealthDesk, aim to simplify your investment journey and this is how the Stocks to WealthBaskets platform can help you. A one-stop place to begin your research process and save a lot of your valuable time. You can directly execute your trade without leaving the platform and invest in WealthBaskets that contain your preferred companies.

The New Way to Research Stocks and Invest with Professionals

The New Way to Research Stocks and Invest with Professionals

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