The UPI revolution for Wealth-Tech is here!

Imagine this; you have written great content which indicates that a stock or sector will likely do well. Your reader immediately switches his tabs or opens the broker app on his phone to buy the stock. What happens to you? Chances are the reader then forgets about reading other articles. So why not allow the investors to invest directly through your page?

As part of our Unified Wealth Interface (UWI) vision to take Asset and Wealth Management at internet scale on top of the Broking platforms, we are super excited to launch the Embedded WealthDesk Gateway (EWG). The EWG enables unprecedented integration with brokers and transaction systems with an intuitive and simple interface built to fit within your website or app. This creates limitless opportunities for your platform and ease for the users allowing them to invest directly through the app/website.

With the EWG, users can easily place orders for stocks, ETFs and WealthBaskets(WBs), view their holdings and open a new broking account without having to switch to another app or website.

Why should your platform enable EWG?

The EWG by WealthDesk allows you to seamlessly build on your offerings and integrate them with an ever-increasing list of brokers. With simple SDKs & ready APIs, or easily embeddable microsites for WealthBasket investments, EWG is built to create a seamless experience within your interface, with minimal development effort. It also enables you to mimic your branding.

  • For News and Content Sites

Use EWG contextually inside your articles. You can increase user retention with EWG by providing personalized articles/notifications based on the user’s holdings. The analytics provided by the EWG also ensure you get transparency in relation to the number of users who took action based on your content.

  • For Asset Management Companies

Several users often tend to go through the website of an AMC to gather more information about the ETFs they are looking to invest in. So why not make this an opportunity for the user to invest in the ETFs easily? You can activate passive traffic coming to your site with EWG’s execution capabilities to acquire more customers.

With EWG, you can increase the number of users you acquire, as potential investors can invest in ETFs directly from your website. You can also power-pack your ETFs into managed WealthBaskets to provide multi-asset, thematic investment portfolios, making investing simpler for users through WealthBaskets. The users will get one-click execution through broker, continuous rebalancing, all of this, on your microsite.

You can also view the number of investors and the amount invested through the EWG on your webpage, ensuring complete transparency.

The EWG provides transaction execution capabilities across the Indian broking economy. 

  • For Research Apps and Websites

Several investors often tend to use research apps and websites to analyze stocks and ETFs in today’s world. How great would it be if you could make it easier for the users to invest directly? This is where EWG can help you.

With EWG, you can increase your user acquisition and retention by providing personalized content for the users based on their holdings and behavior. You can also allow them to invest immediately and seamlessly in the recommendations stemming from your research. You can also create WealthBaskets based on your research and bring them alive for execution with your app. You will get full life cycle management which includes rebalancing, subscription money collection, etc.

  • For Advisory Platforms

Make it super simple for users to invest in stocks, ETFs and WealthBasket portfolios based on your cutting edge advisory directly from your platform. With EWG, you can increase customer retention by allowing the users to transact based on your advisory directly from your website. In addition, you can also provide personalized advisory to the users based on their holdings and create customized WealthBaskets, which can help you acquire and retain users. You can also launch different risk-return profile WealthBaskets that can help you earn subscription amounts as well.

  • For Brokers

Integrating your broking infrastructure within the EWG allows you to instantly access limitless revenue touchpoints across the internet where intent-driven users want to complete an investment. The trades will happen via authenticated APIs or internet-based trading workflows post login, so you do not miss out on anything.

The users using EWG on other platforms may look to open a new broking account which helps you increase user acquisition and create additional revenue opportunities. In addition, the analytics provided by EWG with data points like the number of users, registrations, logins and so on can help you in user acquisition and retention.

Why would users opt for investing via the EWG?

To make transactions simpler and hassle-free. Currently, the user would have to juggle between multiple apps or tabs to make one transaction. But EWG enables the user to transact from whichever platform they are on at that point in time.

Several users also tend to manually update their portfolio holdings on research sites or financial news sites to keep track of their portfolio and news simultaneously. With the EWG, the platforms can easily integrate the holding of the user’s portfolio, saving them a lot of effort. Based on those holdings, the platforms can then provide relevant news, research, ideas, etc.

Now, users can place After market orders with most of the brokers that are available on EWG.

How does EWG simplify transactions for users?

It is essentially a smooth 4 step process.

  1. Contextually placed call-to-action (CTA) on your website/app opens up a window of brokers to choose from.
  2. Once the user selects their broker, they will be prompted to enter their broking login credentials.
  3. Upon successful login, the user will be able to edit and place the instrument orders.
  4. Orders will be processed intelligently and automatically, and the user will be able to view the dynamic status of the orders.

Voila! You just transformed the experience of the user. You helped them save a lot of time, and they will still be on your platform.

Safety on your mind?

We are pretty sure you might be thinking, how safe is this? The EWG uses authenticated APIs, or consent-based approved internet-based trading workflows of the broker from the brokers, ensuring it is safe and regulatory compliant. WealthDesk does not execute any transactions. The transaction will be between the user and the brokers.

We are aggregating the Brokers to connect their trading flows through EWG on different platforms like apps and websites. So, users, platforms and brokers need not worry about safety issues.

So, what are you waiting for?

You are just one step away from enabling limitless opportunities for your business and your users with EWG.

Do not miss this opportunity!

The UPI revolution for Wealth-Tech is here!

Kali Prasad
The UPI revolution for Wealth-Tech is here!

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Kali Prasad