Discovering WealthBaskets and WealthBasket Managers Made Easy!

WealthDesk always works towards enhancing the experience of our users and WealthBasket Managers. We have taken another step in this direction.

Introducing Global Discovery!

What is Global Discovery?

The objective of Global Discovery is simple: To help our users find a WealthBasket that is the best fit for them easily.

We accomplish this through a combination of 5 amazing features

  1. Search for any WealthBasket and WealthBasket Manager

Let’s say users want to invest in a WealthBasket by Abakkus Investment Advisors but don’t know the WealthBaskets that are available. This is where Global Discovery is useful. In the search bar, they can enter “Abakkus Investment Advisors”.

abakkus wealthbaskets

VOILA! Users can now see all the WealthBaskets offered by Abakkus.

The Global Discovery will play a significant role in making all the WealthBasket Managers and their WealthBaskets more visible.

There might be many users who want to invest in a particular WealthBasket they came across on social media or somewhere else. They may know the WealthBasket’s name but not their manager. What happens in this case?

Global Discovery also supports this. By just entering the name of the WealthBasket, they can view its details and invest in it!

For example, a user came across the OpenQ Pharma WealthBasket on a social media platform and wants to invest in it. On Discovey page, they just have to enter “OpenQ Pharma” on the search tab, and there it will be!

OpenQ Pharma WealthBaskets

2) Sort WealthBaskets according to your preferences

When the user first visits the Discover page of WealthDesk, the WealthBaskets will be sorted based on their “live date”. This is the date on which a WealthBasket was first made available on WealthDesk. The newest WealthBaskets will be shown first. As the user keeps scrolling, the WealthBaskets that have been launched earlier will be displayed.

sort WealthBaskets

By using the “sort” function, the user can decide how to view the WealthBaskets. The 3 options in the sort function are: New Launches, Min. Investment- High to Low, Min. Investment -Low to High.

The New Launch option is the default option. The users can also view the WealthBaskets based on the investment amount.

3) Filter WealthBaskets on multiple parameters.

Users can use our comprehensive filtering options to get to the WealthBasket of their choice. They can filter WealthBaskets based on investment size, WealthBasket Manager and volatility!

WealthBaskets new launches

4) A dedicated profile page of WealthBasket Managers

Global Discovery will also see a dedicated profile section being launched for each of our WealthBasket Managers. The WealthBasket Managers can use this space to educate and engage the users on their offerings and help them find the right WealthBasket.  

The profile will display the WealthBaskets created and managed by the WealthBasket Manager. They can customize this section by adding their investment philosophies, details about their team, investor presentation and more.

WealthBasket Managers

5) Following a “Neutrality first” approach for our user’s best interests

WealthDesk always works towards the best interests of our users. Today, all the WealthBaskets are sorted according to their live date, and all the WealthBasket Managers are sorted alphabetically. This ensures that we help our users find the right WealthBasket for them in the most neutral manner without giving any preference to a particular WealthBasket or WealthBasket Manager. 

Ending Note

Global Discovery is a feature we built to enhance user experience on the B2C side and make the platform-neutral from a B2B perspective.

WealthDesk will continue making improvements on the user experience and neutrality aspects. We will not stop until we have revolutionized India’s Asset and Wealth Management Industry!

Discovering WealthBaskets and WealthBasket Managers Made Easy!

Discovering WealthBaskets and WealthBasket Managers Made Easy!

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