10 Reasons to Integrate the Biggest Broking Gateway on your Platform

Introduction to EWG

Have you been thinking about enabling your users to trade in securities such as Equities, ETFs, REITs, INvits, etc., and other asset classes on your platform? By enabling such a feature on your app or website, you can reduce the number of people who drop from your platform to open their broking app/website.

But how can you do this? We have the solution for you.

Introducing Embedded WealthDesk Gateway (EWG). The EWG enables unprecedented integration with brokers and transaction systems with an intuitive and simple interface built to fit within your website or app. This creates limitless opportunities for your platform and ease for the users allowing them to invest directly through the app/website. You can provide some of the most innovative Investing and Wealth Management solutions to your end customers.

Enabling users to place orders does not mean simply integrating one or two APIs of the brokers. You need to understand the entire lifecycle of the customer and how you can serve them with a better user experience. You also need to be compliant with regulatory requirements and have minimal operational work for your team.

Here are some reasons why you should consider integrating EWG on your platform.

1. Broker network

Based on the user base of your platform, you may have a strategy on which brokers you want your platform to be integrated with. This list of brokers will keep on changing as and when the strategy changes or if the user from a different cohort is using your platform. Several users may remain unserved due to the unavailability of a particular broker on your platform.

Once you integrate EWG, you get access to 25+ brokers, which includes a mix of discount brokers, full-service brokers and Bank based brokers. The list also includes the brokers from beyond the top 15 cities and covers a large market share. Suppose this integration with brokers is built by your firm. In that case, it may incur high developer costs as the APIs provided by the brokers and the responses are not consistent and also Brokers find it difficult to manage many partners in case they have APIs. In most cases, they work very closely with WealthDesk

2. Session management

To provide a seamless user experience, EWG has the feature of session management. The user does not need to log in again for transactions on the same day as long as the broker supports it. This helps users simply place orders with one click.

3. Order types and varieties

When we allow users to place orders, we understand that users should be able to exercise different options, be it on the order type, order variety, or delivery options. We have built EWG on such fundamentals. After Market Order (AMO) placement is available on EWG, and the remaining order types and varieties are being launched very soon!

4. Regulatory changes

As and when SEBI mandates changes for platforms that are connecting with the brokers, they will be incorporated by EWG. The platforms do not need to spend time and effort to make the system compliant.

5. Portfolio orders

Suppose your platform has a use case of letting users place portfolio orders. In that case, many nuances need to be taken into account. EWG considers all such nuances to place orders with the user’s funds efficiently. Our gateway is built smartly to sell first-buy next, parallel processing of orders, retry orders and many such features. Also Building Advisory based Portfolios such as WealthBaskets from SEBI licensed entities are available as plug and play on your consumer app through EWG

6. Order status changes

If you are concerned about the data of the user’s orders and trades, they will be provided to you in real-time via Webhooks. The data is shared as per the Terms and Conditions agreed by them.  You can use that data for building customized/intelligent solutions on top of that.

The data is provided to you with the user’s approval or anonymised data as the case may be.

7. Analytical solutions

As a platform, you might be interested in understanding the patterns of user logins, order placements, holding retrieval, etc. Such data can be used to decide the improvements to be made or understand the impact of marketing activities. 

EWG comes as a bundled offering where the partners can view analytics at the user and broker levels.

8. No more engineering team for building your cutting edge product

Maintaining the backend can be a real pain. EWG solves these issues. With EWG, you can serve your users with all the features without the need to have an engineering team.

WealthDesk will provide the analytics dashboard using APIs. You can use these APIs to get the information and build the visualization.

9. Access User Holdings to build an Innovative Advisory and Wealth Management focused offering

Building the holdings import for individual brokers and regularly enhancing the CAS statement parsing can take a lot of your precious time. EWG takes care of all of this so that you can focus your development time on other things.

10. Affiliate accounts workflow

EWG can also enable you to generate extra revenue through the affiliate accounts workflow. We have tie-ups with several full service and discount brokers. 

A part of the revenue will be shared with you whenever a user from your platform opens a broking account through EWG. 

This would mean you can tie up with specific brokers on EWG and build the entire investing platform through affiliate broking partnership. So you don’t need to do the heavy lifting, EWG does it for you. With EWG, you get Broking as a Service at scale!


By integrating EWG on your platform, you can reduce the number of users dropping from your app/website to buy or sell securities. You can increase the number of users on your platform due to a better user experience.

Building integrations with those many brokers individually requires a lot of time, effort and, most importantly, costs.

Maintaining massive technology infrastructure and engineering teams for transaction experience may not be your core competence. The massive infrastructure and developer costs in building such platforms can also burn a hole in your pocket. But now with EWG!

EWG does the heavy lifting for you and you can focus on your core activities. No need to worry about high costs also with EWG!

EWG can help you take your platform to the next level while also helping you generate more revenue!

So, what are you waiting for?

You are just one step away from enabling limitless opportunities for your business and your users with EWG.

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10 Reasons to Integrate the Biggest Broking Gateway on your Platform

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10 Reasons to Integrate the Biggest Broking Gateway on your Platform

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