Getting Started

What are WealthBaskets?

A WealthBasket is a basket of Equities, ETFs and other assets, that helps you build  diversified, long-term as well as short term combinations of assets. Each WealthBasket reflects an Investment strategy or theme or an idea with underlying assets weighted following a rigorous research and backtesting process.

*ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are baskets of securities that track an underlying index (Nifty, Nifty Next 50, Gold, etc) and can be bought and sold on the exchange just like direct Equity.

What are the advantages of Investing in WealthBaskets?

Some of the distinguishing features of investing through WealthBaskets:

Risk and Return diversification A diversified combination of assets protects you against market risk and may reduce volatility in returns

Cost and Transparency – Pay only when you invest with no hidden costs. Complete transparency as the assets are in your Demat account and you have the complete ownership of the underlying Equities and ETFs. Stay updated with complete control Invest without lock-in, apply regular rebalancing updates in your WealthBaskets & earn dividends directly in your bank account.

How do WealthBaskets compare to Mutual Funds & PMS?

WealthBaskets and Mutual Funds and PMS all let you take exposure in Equities through capital markets. WealthBaskets are managed by SEBI Registered Investment Professionals who can be Registered Investment Advisors, Research Analysts or an AMC, whereas Mutual Funds are designated Investment schemes launched by AMCs.
WealthBaskets makes it an easy, transparent and performance driven approach to investing in Equities and ETFs and provide you considerable numbers of benefits over Mutual Funds:
Direct Ownership – All the underlying stocks and ETFs that you invest through a WealthBasket sits in your demat account.
Transparency – It is a transparent Investment product as you know where your fund is getting allocated.
Completely Liquid – There is No lock-in involved, you can exit anytime and instantly release your funds.
Diversified and better risk/return – When you invest in a WealthBasket, you invest in a diversified set of stocks or ETFs with weights ascertained through a rigorous research process. You do not get into individual stock risks and your overall risk is very well managed.
Disclaimer: Investing in markets has its associated risks. So you should invest as per your risk appetite and investment objectives.

How do I begin Investing?

In order to invest in a WealthBasket through the WealthDesk platform, you need to have an active trading & Demat account with any of our broking partners. Also, you need to have a clear ledger balance with your broker to make the investment in underlying Equities/ETFs or other assets in the WealthBaskets.

Do I need to create an account?

No, you do not need to create a separate account to invest in WealthBaskets. You can simply login with your existing Broking credentials associated with one of our integrated broking partners.

My Broker is not listed as one of the login options.

We are working hard to integrate your broking partner with our system. In the meantime, you may still invest in WealthBaskets by Signing up for a WealthDesk account where you can purchase WealthBaskets with instructions provided by us through your own Broking account.

WealthBasket 101

Who creates WealthBaskets?

WealthBaskets are created by SEBI Registered Investment Professionals known as Research Analysts or Registered Investment Advisors. These professionals are collectively known as WealthBasket Managers. 

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum investment amount varies per WealthBasket. But we’ve ensured there’s a WealthBasket within everyone’s financial reach. Wealth Generation is for everyone.

Are there entry or exit fees/loads when investing/exiting WealthBaskets?

Other than the subscription fee paid to the WealthBasket Manager for investing in their WealthBasket, there is no other cost involved (this does not include broker side costs such as brokerage fees). While exiting anytime, there is no exit load other than the brokerage charges levied by the broker for transactions through your broking account.

What asset classes are available to invest in through WealthBaskets?

Currently, WealthBaskets span Equities and ETF asset classes. However, we’re working on expanding this further!

Do you get dividends on WealthBaskets?

Dividends in any of the underlying constituent stocks in the WealthBasket will be credited directly to your bank account. The platform provides a way to track paid out dividends just like your realized and unrealized capital gains.

Where can I find all WealthBaskets?

You can find WealthBasket investment opportunities within the Discover tab via the top navigation in our WealthBasket Library.

Where can I find all WealthBasket Managers?

You can find WealthBasket Managers within the Discover tab via the top navigation as well in our Manager Library.

How do I add WealthBasket to the watchlist?

Once you’ve decided on a WealthBasket you’d like to keep on your watchlist and monitor for later, simply select the ‘Add to watchlist’ icon on the WealthBasket card itself. Now the WealthBasket will appear in the Watchlist section.

Why are some details not accessible in WealthBaskets?

Certain crucial WealthBasket details such as asset composition and other proprietary investment information is only available upon successfully subscribing to the WealthBasket.

Subscribe & Invest

Why do I need to subscribe?

Subscription to WealthBaskets unlocks asset composition and allows you to begin investing in them. Subscription fees compensate WealthBasket Managers for creating the WealthBaskets and providing you with timely rebalancing notifications to stay ahead of the market.

What does my WealthBasket subscription entail?

Subscribing to WealthBaskets allows you to begin investing in WealthBaskets and ensures you receive timely WealthBasket rebalancing updates to ensure you’re at par with the market outlook for your investments.

Why is my subscription confirmation pending?

This should resolve itself in 72 hours. We are processing your subscription payment and will notify you as soon as processing is complete.

What are the different subscription models?

Some WealthBaskets can be subscribed to for a fixed subscription fee for a time period, while some WealthBaskets levy subscription charges based on your investment amount. Free WealthBaskets do not levy subscription charges.

What is Subscription Autopay?

Subscription Autopay is a great feature wherein you can set up automatic payment for subscription charges which renews at the end of the subscription period so that you never miss out on any subscription payments and continue to receive timely WealthBasket management updates.

How can I invest in WealthBaskets?

You can invest in WealthBaskets upon completing the subscription process by clicking on the Invest Now button within the particular WealthBaskets detail screen.

How can I start a SIP in a WealthBasket?

You can start a SIP in a WealthBasket by clicking on the ‘Invest Now’ button or ‘Invest More’ button and paying the minimum fee to begin setting up a SIP.

How can I modify/stop SIP in a WealthBasket?

Within your particular WealthBasket management screen, you can modify your SIP preferenced by clicking the pencil icon next to your active SIP information. To skip or stop SIP, please select the “More options menu” and click skip or stop SIP and follow the instructions on the screen.

Can I invest in WealthBaskets during after-market hours?

Currently, you can invest, or approve rebalancing, do partial withdrawal, or exit only during market hours.

How can I renew my expired subscription?

If your subscription to a WealthBasket has expired, you can renew the subscription by accessing the particular WealthBaskets performance screen and clicking on the Renew button beside the Subscription expired tag.

Manage & Track

Where can I track my WealthBasket Performance?

After you have invested in a WealthBasket (one or many), you can track your investments through the Investments page. The Investments page broadly has three sections: Overall Performance (Across all your WealthBaskets), Individual WealthBasket performance (Track performance in specific WealthBasket), Individual Stock or ETF level performance (You can drill at individual WealthBasket and look at performance at individual scrip level).

Where do I see my order status?

Within the transactions tab of the investments page, you can see all the orders traded through your broker during the day as part of your Investments and actions of different WealthBaskets.

Where do I receive WealthBasket notifications?

The notifications section consolidates all the notifications received by you around your subscription confirmation in a particular WealthBasket, errors, and rejections, and any specific broker or WealthBasket rebalancing notifications.

How do I invest more in a WealthBasket?

To invest more in a WealthBasket, you simply need to access the particular WealthBaskets detail screen and click on the Invest More button and follow the instructions on the screen.

What are rejected orders?

Unsuccessful orders, rejected by the Broker, or the Exchange show as rejected orders. You are required to re-process the rejected orders to continue receiving WealthBasket management updates.


What is rebalancing?

After you have invested in a WealthBasket, you need to regularly apply changes in the WealthBasket as and when you get email/app/SMS-based notifications from the WealthBasket Manager. This process is called rebalancing. It ensures underlying stocks/ETFs and other assets within a WealthBasket continue to reflect the latest version of an underlying research/investment methodology. Rebalancing is initiated by the WealthBasket Manager managing the WealthBasket as per their discretion, investment strategy, and market conditions. You are expected to apply those rebalancing changes by buying/selling the underlying stocks or ETFs by logging in with your broker. You can also see any pending rebalancing changes in the pending transactions section of the platform.

Where do I get rebalancing updates for my WealthBaskets?

You receive rebalancing updates on the particular WealthBasket’s details screen. However, you may also access pending rebalancing notifications through the pending transactions section or through notifications.

How often does rebalancing happen?

The rebalancing frequency is difficult to define but usually happens at least once a month. Additionally, rebalancing can be instituted by the WealthBasket Manager on a discretionary basis if there are sudden market movements.

Do I have to accept rebalancing changes?

Yes. you need to accept and execute the rebalancing modifications if you wish to stay invested within the subscribed WealthBasket. In case you do not wish to rebalance, you may exit the WealthBasket or dissociate from WealthBasket Management and simply continue to track your existing investments within the WealthBasket.

How do I rebalance my WealthBasket?

Simply follow the instructions on the screen through the rebalancing update and execute the Buy/sell transactions through your broking account to complete rebalancing.

My rebalancing was unsuccessful, or partially complete. What next?

You will have to retry the rejected orders in order to successfully complete the rebalancing. Please check your Demat account balance before attempting to retry the rebalancing orders. Rebalancing assumes that you are maintaining the required holdings per the WealthBasket within your Demat account. If there is a discrepancy in Demat holdings which is leading to the rebalancing failure please attempt to resolve the issue manually by procuring the required expected holdings in the WealthBasket through the broker and then proceeding with the rebalancing.

Withdraw & Exit

How do I Partially Withdraw some money from WealthBaskets?

You can withdraw a specified amount from your existing investment in a WealthBasket by selecting the WealthBasket and doing a partial withdrawal. When you do a partial withdrawal, some stocks/ETFs are exited to ensure your overall portfolio performance is intact as per the WealthBasket Manager and you are able to get the funds.

How do I exit a WealthBasket?

You exit a WealthBasket anytime by simply clicking exit. All underlying stocks in that WealthBasket will be sold and the funds will be available in your brokerage account.

What happens to my subscription if I exit a WealthBasket?

Your subscription will remain active for the remaining time of your prepaid tenure even when you exit the WealthBasket.

Can I re-invest in an exited WealthBasket?

Yes, you may re-invest in an exited WealthBasket, provided the subscription in still active.