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WealthDesk Business

Build Wealth, One Basket at a Time

First B2B open distribution platform that curates custom investment products across top quality investment advisors that are otherwise not available, inaccessible and undiscoverable to retail investors.

  1. Manufacture/launch basket productsBuild your own basket products on top of direct Equities, ETF’s and Mutual Funds.

2.Manage/Rebalance the basket on an AUM basis make changes in your basket product composition on an 100% AUM basis.

3.Active & Passive basket products management only platform that allow basket products to be launched which can be very actively rebalanced as per discretion or systematically/passively managed.

4.Complete client relationship management with real time post trade analyticsRich analytics on Investors and the products they are invested to engage with clients.

5.India’s first Open Investment platform on top of broking that powers advisory, broking, wealth management, portfolio management to retail investors at scale our platform and products ecosystem impacts all the incumbents and new players in investment and Wealth Management space in the entire vlaue chain from ideation, research, to manufacturing to productization to distribution to execution in the client account.

6.Productization and performance benchmarkingScale product driven advisory to retail investors with unbiased performance tracking of the products by the platform, corporate actions adjustments and industry standard benchmarking againsts standard benchmarks.

7.Launch at one place and make them available for distribution on WealthDesk consumer platform integrated with all the large brokers for execution in client accountsIndia’s first cloud hosted B2B platform to launch investment products at one place and making it available for distribution on a number of consumer web platforms powered by broking gateway with multiple brokers for execution in client accounts.

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