Advised Wealth: An Answer to Every Investor’s Prayers

Advised wealth management is charting a new course for investment management

Have you ever picked up the newspaper and read about a great investment deal which you would have loved to be a part of but could not access because the threshold limit for investment was very high?

Have you wanted to invest as per unique investment strategies but never found any fund house that can offer you a product which follows such strategies?

Have you ever lamented the dearth of investment products that can give you unique exposure and help you build a diversified portfolio?

Has the minimum threshold limit for wealth advisory kept you away from wealth generation opportunities?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, then it is time to rejoice.

A paradigm shift is currently underway in the investment management industry. A shift towards advised wealth and outcome-oriented solutions. In this new era of advised wealth, you will be able to access an entire suite of investment solutions that have been previously inaccessible due to either minimal product-side innovation or high investment thresholds. Further, these solutions will be available to you in a transparent and seamless manner, thereby engendering efficiency and inspiring trust.

What does advised wealth mean for you as an investor?

Outcome-oriented and customised solutions

We live in an era where your thumbprint is your identity, and you can do almost any transaction with your thumbprint. Do you know why? This is because every individual has a unique thumbprint. Just as your thumbprint is unique, so are your investment style and requirements. Advised wealth platforms like WealthDesk provide low-cost access to curated WealthBaskets that are created by SEBI licensed professionals (Registered Investment Advisors & Research Analysts)that give you the desired investment exposure and can meaningfully contribute to your wealth building journey.

For example, assume that you are new to investing and want to benefit from the wealth generation potential of equities. However, you are concerned about equity market volatility. In the erstwhile era, you would have had limited options for investment and would inevitably need to compromise. However, now you can easily invest in the OpenQ Balanced Hybrid Equity WealthBasket that dynamically allocates and switches investment exposure between equity, debt, and gold, depending upon the market situation. It also ensures that you get superior quality quant research coupled with a truly balanced portfolio that combines growth and stability in the long run.

On the other hand, assume that you are a seasoned investor who wants to generate alpha by taking focused exposure to companies that will benefit from the Indian government’s Digital India initiatives on infrastructure building, delivery of services, and people empowerment. Previously, it would have been almost impossible for you to gain such niche exposure through expert fund management. However, now you can simply invest in the OpenQ Digital India WealthBasket.

Transparency and seamless access

For long, the investment management industry has been associated with opaqueness and clandestine deals that happen behind closed doors. Technology is now turning the industry on its heels by inviting you, the investor, into the hallowed halls of expert investment management. The platformisation of investment management solutions has democratised investment management and ensured that customers have a 360 degree view of the investment process. For example, if you invest in a WealthBasket, then the investments that comprise the curated basket are immediately reflected in your demat account, thereby giving you full portfolio transparency. You need not wait till the end of the month for a factsheet to tell you the stocks that you own. This ensures that while you have the benefit of advised wealth, you also have full control of your investment portfolio. A sweet deal indeed!

With advised wealth platforms like WealthDesk, there is no need to compromise. You can choose to invest in curated baskets that meet all your unique requirements and are available to you in a transparent and seamless manner.

Advised Wealth: An Answer to Every Investor’s Prayers

Advised Wealth: An Answer to Every Investor’s Prayers

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