How a Rebalance by WealthBasket Managers Reaches Millions of Indians

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the number of investors in India has grown. What if an investment manager sitting in Mumbai wanted their services to reach the investors across the country?

Building and managing applications that help reach millions of Indians is a huge responsibility for organisations like us. So how does WealthDesk make it work so smoothly? How does the rebalance push by WealthBasket Manager reach millions of investors? 

In this blog, we will look at how using serverless applications has helped WealthDesk and WealthBasket Manager build and reach millions of Indians.

Why Does WealthDesk Use Serverless Applications?

Serverless applications are being increasingly used across the globe to help organisations scale their offerings quickly and easily. It allows organisations like ours to focus on building and innovating rather than worrying about server load and management. 

WealthDesk uses AWS Serverless to help scale our applications. It allows us to adjust to the increasing traffic without compromising the performance. AWS Serverless enables us to scale the rebalancing push in real time and reach the mass.

The Process of Rebalancing Push using AWS Serverless

Let us now dive a bit into how the rebalancing push by the WealthBasket Managers reaches the WealthBasket investors.

It starts with the WealthBasket Manager updating the constituents of the WealthBaskets on their WealthDesk Business platform. Once the WealthBasket Manager pushes the rebalance changes, the magic of the AWS Serverless begins.

The rebalancing notification needs to reach all the WealthBasket investors in real-time. Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda help us scale this load immediately. The Amazon API Gateway acts as a front door to allow us to access the subscribed investors from the backend servers. The API Gateway routes the request to appropriate Lambda to pull the data of the investors subscribed to the particular WealthBasket for which the rebalancing notification is issued.

Once the data is pulled, AWS Lambda comes into action. AWS Lambda is a serverless, event-driven compute service that enables organisations to run code for any type of application or backend service without the need to manage servers. Using servers makes it incredibly difficult for organisations to scale rapidly. Not to mention the amount of time, money and skills it takes to manage the server infrastructure.

AWS Lambda helps us run code efficiently and automatically respond to code execution at any scale, like the rebalancing notification. Lambda can quickly scale to tens of thousands of concurrent requests in milliseconds. However, the notifications are not pushed out yet. 

Some databases can accept a high number of concurrent requests. However, most of them have their limitations. So to avoid any issues and outages, we use Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS).

Amazon SQS helps decouple the architecture and move to an asynchronous model. AWS automatically streamlines the SQS resource for new records and then triggers them for the Lambda functions.

Once resources are streamlined, the data pull is triggered to compute the rebalancing. The investor may not have applied the last rebalancing, may have edited the quantity or would have sold some of their WealthBasket holdings between the rebalancing updates. All of these factors need to be taken into account to compute rebalancing.

After completing the computation, the notification is pushed to the WealthBasket investors.  

Even though there are multiple WealthBasket Manager, investor and broker deployments, our architecture ensures a smooth rebalancing journey for all the stakeholders.

We can easily integrate with different broker deployments to push the rebalancing. This helps the investor have seamless transactions.

Ending Note

Using serverless computing like AWS Serverless helps startups like us to easily and quickly scale without having to worry about resources. The most important thing that the organisations need to take care of while building serverless applications is the system’s architecture. 

Always choose serverless applications that are, most importantly, reliable but also cost-effective and speedy when needed.

WealthDesk will continue to improve its systems that will create a great user experience for the investors and WealthBasket Managers.

How a Rebalance by WealthBasket Managers Reaches Millions of Indians

How a Rebalance by WealthBasket Managers Reaches Millions of Indians

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