List of Delisted Stocks from NSE

Delisting is when a company’s stock is taken off a stock exchange like the National Stock Exchange (NSE) or the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). 

This means you can’t buy or sell those stocks anymore. The whole delisting process is controlled by the market regulator, which in India is the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Companies get delisted for different reasons, some by choice and some not:

  • Low Market Value: If a company’s overall value on the stock market drops too much, its shares may be delisted.
  • Bankruptcy: If a company declares bankruptcy, its shares can be delisted.
  • Failing to Comply with Regulatory Guideline: If a company doesn’t meet the requirements set by the stock exchange or the regulator, it might be delisted.

What are the Types of Delisting?

Delisting comes in two types:

Voluntary Delisting

Some companies decide to become private by voluntarily leaving the stock exchange. They might do this for strategic reasons, mergers, or to run without the rules that come with being public. In such cases, the company usually buys its shares back from shareholders.

Involuntary Delisting

Companies face involuntary delisting when they break rules or don’t meet financial standards. If a company doesn’t meet the listing rules, the exchange warns them. If they don’t fix it, the exchange removes their stocks.

List of Delisted Stocks from NSE

SymbolCompany NameDelisted DateType of Delisting
SUBCAPCITYInternational Constructions Limited12-Jan-23Voluntary Delisting 
COX&KINGSCox & Kings Limited23-Feb-23Delisting – Liquidation
STERLINBIOSterling Biotech Limited03-Mar-23Voluntary Delisting 
SINTEXSintex Industries Limited10-Mar-23Voluntary Delisting 
CKPLEISURECKP Leisure Limited22-Mar-23Compulsory Delisting 
POWERFULPowerful Technologies Limited22-Mar-23Compulsory Delisting 
DFMFOODSDFM Foods Limited05-Apr-23Voluntary Delisting 
PSLPSL Limited21-Apr-23Delisting – Liquidation
EMCOEmco Limited 28-Apr-23Delisting – Liquidation
AUTORIDFINAutoriders Finance Limited23-May-23Compulsory Delisting 
NATNLSTEELNational Steel And Agro Industries Limited27-Jun-23Voluntary Delisting 
OISLOCL Iron and Steel Limited18-Aug-23Voluntary Delisting 
AUTOLITIND Autolite (India) Limited29-Aug-23Compulsory Delisting 
VIRESCENTVirescent Renewable Energy Trust07-Sep-23Voluntary Delisting 

Source: NSE

Are Delisted Shares Eligible for a Comeback?

Companies can come back on the exchange after getting delisted. This is called relisting. They will be required to meet the listing regulatory requirements.

SEBI’s permission allows voluntarily delisted shares to return after five years from their delisting date. However, compulsory delisted shares must wait a ten-year wait before rejoining the exchanges.


Delisting is the removal of a company’s stock from exchanges like NSE or BSE. Regulated by SEBI in India, delisting reasons range from market value dips to non-compliance with regulations. Understanding the types of delisting and the possibility of relisting after certain waiting periods is crucial in comprehending how companies and investors navigate the stock market.

List of Delisted Stocks from NSE

List of Delisted Stocks from NSE

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